EME 13 element RPOL

I have sold the 4X7 EME antennas and picked up a pair of 13el RPOL antennas.

These antennas were designed by Jimmy KK6FAH.

The antennas are 13 element G0KSC LFA’s. These antennas are monsters, the boom length is 35ft. They are rear mounted to allow for full polarity rotation.

The polarity of the antennas is controlled by a pair of inexpensive TV rotators

These antennas are incredible. I often work single yagi modest power stations.

A typical Q with the old 4X7s would yield decodes of -24 to -28dB. With these RPOLs, I see the same class of stations at -15 to -19 dB. The signal loss due to Faraday rotation can be as high as 20dB. With the ability to rotate the polarity, I can bring a signal from “not even there” to a strong -20dB trace. The Polarity of the returned echo is by far the largest variable in working EME. It makes the degradation rather insignificant.

I often hear audible echoes, and have recorded several QSOs at below -10dB. The best being -6 dB from one of the big stations. This is easily within the “CW” category. I have yet to try on cw, but will do so soon.

The rotation of the antennas is synchronized by a controller designed and built by Bill, ND0B.
See info on the controller box here.

Jimmy uses three of these antennas. See his really cool video .

See Jimmy’s video on construction of the RPOLS.

Seeing my own echoes!!!

Echo Test: