PJClient Quick Start Guide

Having been very frustrated with the clunky and slow to update Ping Jockey Page. (This thing is a real dinosaur.) I set about to build a better interface. PJClient is this interface.

PJClient poles the Ping Jockey or EME page every few seconds and reformats the posts to look like a modern chat room.

You can download PJCLient here.

Once install you will need to input your station data. Select the Options>Setup menu.

JT65 EME Callsign:If you operate on one of the EME pages, enter a callsign and description. (example: n5tm/4X7H/KW)

PJ Callsign: Enter what you would like displayed on PJ page.

Callsign: Your actual callsign, then name, state, grid etc…

Use WSJT Log: If you would like PJClient to examine the WSJT Log file for previously worked, check this box and then with the “Browse…” button enter the path to wsjt.log.

Call3.txt:These three entries point to the call3.txt files associated with WSJT, WSJTX, and MAP65. There is a menu option to update these files if a station makes a post and they are not in the call3.txt file.

After you have finished with the entries, press OK.

Some things you can do with PJClient

Look at the upper right hand box. Anyone who has made a recent post is listed.

Note: some of the entries have different background colors.
Light Blue indicates you have worked this station and they were found in wsjt.log. See this message at the bottom of PJClient.

White this means the station was not found in call3.txt.

If you have set up your path(s) to call3.txt you can enter these station from the Options Menu.

Now click on an entry in the Callsign box. You will see the stations info listed below.

At anytime, you can click on either the callsign or the grid and they are copied into the clipboard. This makes it easy to paste into WSJT.

Now Click on the name shown. You will see:

Saving you the trouble of typing it in.

There are a number of predefined messages on the dropdown box. You can also post a CQ message which will then be displayed in the lower righthand box.

After you finish the cq, press the “Clear” button.

The PJ and EME pages, for some unknown reason, filter out http:, +, <, >. PJClient encodes these messages so that they are posted correctly.

Well, that should get you started…

email me if you have questions.